We Are Still Here

It is with heavy hearts that we talk about the Mama Sana Vibrant Woman mural cover up on 12th & Chicon. Honestly we are surprised it lasted that long, in reality we feel angry on how easy it is to cover up something so meaningful to OUR community. But symbolically just like black families/people have been pushed out of the city, just like the police in the city have killed black men/women/youth in our city-our Mural could’ve been seen as one of the last semi-new artifacts that purposefully attempted to create art/beauty/community for communities of color/mamas of color in the ATX. October of 2012, the mural was celebrated with a community event alongside artist TooFly in a space that some folks deemed “unattractive”, “not safe” a “hotspot” for “criminal activity”.

We are still here. Lets not forget. We are still doing the work.

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