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The National Perinatal Task Force

Building a movement to birth a more just and loving world

Why is our work important?

This report highlights the grave and racialized maternal and infant health disparities in the United States, and offers two effective and proven models to eliminate maternal and infant mortality. Our work at Mama Sana Vibrant Woman seeks to directly address these disparities and to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for communities of color in central Texas.

What we have to say

"It is important for all to work hard to create a just and loving world where every woman thrives, every baby reaches full term, and communities have the resources needed to care for their families."


—  Jennie Joseph, report co-author, midwife, and creator of the JJ Way patient-centered model of care


High maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States despite high levels of health care spending

are the

Black women are three to four times more likely to die from birth-related complications than their white counterparts


Hispanic women face significant barriers accessing prenatal care as well as culturally and linguistically appropriate care services

How are we fighting against theses issues?

Community-located and culturally-based healthcare models

Increased Social and Community Support

Models that promote self-determination and agency

Efforts that shift cultural and social conditions

Implementing these models serve as a means to mitigate the impacts of racism, stress, and other determinants that affect an individual’s social conditions and  health outcomes

The JJ Way®

The Maternal Health Model

Both models have been shown to be effective in

eliminating maternal and infant health disparities

organizing the implementation policy and systemic changes to address the social determinants of health

improve the material conditions that contribute to the drastic health inequities across the nation


Commonsense Childbirth Inc. (CSC) 501(c) 3 non-profit organization was founded in 1998 by Jennie Joseph who has dedicated her life to helping women and families have better birth experiences.  Over the years Jennie’s work has grown beyond the birth room.  She speaks nationally and internationally sharing her positive outcomes on low birth weight, prematurity,  infant mortality, and maternal mortality rates that remain particularly high in minority and disenfranchised populations in the United States.


Mama Sana Vibrant Woman (MSVW) is a community organization that works to facilitate access to culturally appropriate and quality, prenatal and postnatal care for women of color in Austin and Travis County. Our mission is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for communities of color in central Texas by providing education and support. Our Vision is a just and loving world where all mothers receive attentive quality loving care and where all communities have equitable resources to care for their children.

National Perinatal Taskforce (NPTF) is a virtual community of people who have a heart for women and children. People who have heard the statistics, understand that the system is broken, and want to make a practical difference in the health outcomes for mothers and babies. The NPTF is a grassroots movement to start and grow Perinatal Safe Spots (PSS) in every Materno-toxic Area. It’s a place to share ideas – what’s working and what’s not.

Media Contacts:

Jennie Joseph, National Perinatal Taskforce and Commonsense Childbirth,

Paula X. Rojas, Mama Sana Vibrant Woman,

Haile Eshe Cole,

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