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Discover Our Free Programs

Prenatal Support Circles

Get access to group prenatal support through your entire perinatal experience. This 8-week program consists of culturally specific support groups along with a range of services including free exercise classes, nutrition support, birth companions/doulas, and access to prenatal midwifery care at no cost.

Postpartum Support Circles

If you’re looking for community connection and an opportunity for self care we invite you to join our circles. All sessions include free childcare, a nutritious meal, and transportation assistance.

Childbirth Preparation Workshops

Our childbirth education course is a 1-day deep dive that covers stages of labor, comfort measures, active labor, lactation, immediate newborn and postpartum care and more.

Birth Companion Support

This program offers pregnant and postpartum parents with a professional birth and/or postpartum doula. Participants receive support through pregnancy, childbirth, and up to 6 postpartum care appointments. All MSVW Birth Companions share similar life experiences as people of color and are culturally respectful.

Note: For those looking to join our Birth Companion program, it’s most ideal for you to enroll when you are between 12-34 weeks however we welcome individuals at all stages of pregnancy. Please note we do not provide emergency support.


If you are in active labor please see a list of resources here or call 512-934-2171

Additional Resources

Anyone who receives support from Mama Sana Vibrant Woman can utilize additional resources from the Mama Sana network. These include midwifery support, access to mental health resources, meal support, and childcare around labor and delivery support.

Who can join our programs?

Our programs are open to anyone who identifies as BIPOC. There are no financial requirements (minimums or maximums). Please note the majority of our programming caters to Central Texas. And to receive birth companion (doula) support you must be in Austin or the surrounding area, but anyone is welcome to join our virtual programs. 

Are these programs really free?


Thanks to generous grants, donors, and volunteers our services are completely free for participants. You can help support our mission here.

Learn More About Our Program Approach:

Our Program and curriculum content is guided by the interest and needs of the participants. The support we provide is always based upon mutual respect, open communication, and empowerment.


We are unique in that you, the participant, helps decide what topics we will discuss in groups. Other feedback and suggestions regarding group environment and structure are also welcome and encouraged.


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